Tuesday, 29 March 2016


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Many people would like to know what the future holds in their lives and that of those who love you the most. But there are times when we prefer not to know anything and give you an opportunity to destination to see that we have prepared, who knows? True?
The important thing is living day to day, knowing that those who most love you are always there, next to you, to support you and give you advice if you need them.
As for finding a job, we are well aware of how difficult it is, but we must always fight and fight without stopping, without surrender, to achieve your goals, your purpose, your illusions.
Keep the good things and try to improve in some mistakes we make is very important because that way, greatly improve our self-esteem and will make us more peace, more peace and greater emotional balance.
Life does not usually give much truth, everything or almost everything we have to win based efforts and sacrifices, and always has been, but that we are already aware.
Finally, do not surrender to any adversity and you have to deal with all the problems that life will put us on the road. Be and feel strong, although we are not always able, for the simple reason that we are human. Our mood, can not always be right, we got our bumps and ups and downs, as is logical and natural, is that life, we often do not deal too well, actually.


Monday, 28 March 2016


We all have films that in one way or another make us feel reflected or with whom we have a special relationship. I think humans are like that. There are films that have marked the passing of a generation.
 Well, I have four current movies in which I feel reflected in them. They are "The Truman Show", "A Beautiful Mind," "Matrix" and "living las vegas."'ll start to explain my idea with the latter.
In "living Vegas" Nicolas Keit teaches us how a man dies who is an alcoholic, choosing the path of non-stop drinking. I will explain. The alcoholic has two options, either stop drinking or die drinking. Well, the actor (I should say the manager but I do not remember) teaches us this face of the disease. I'm an alcoholic, and I dread to think that one day I can choose this option in the way of my life. Here's why this film has marked me.
In "A Beautiful Mind", I see myself as a person with paranoid schizophrenia may develop a life with "normal" and achieve goals even higher. I settle to live an ordinary life, I do not aspire to a nobel prize, much less, this is the reward received by John Nash after discovering an economic behavior (I do not say that because I do not know).
In "The Truman Show" is something a bit special. Truman lives since birth in a world in which all references and whatever happens, even their fears (fighting his fear of crossing the sea) are programmed to expect a stimulus from it and is being watched by a television channel . Here's my disease. This behavior does not define the totality of how I live, but about much.
In "matrix" is the height of the disease which makes me identify with her. When Neo give the pill you have to take to get out of the system that has created the machines. As I say this thinking is highly delusional because there are times I wish I, for my illness, especially schizophrenia and, as we are, alcoholism, could take a pill that offered me an unknown and awakening. (I do not know if he would take the pill value but think they can offer it is a treat).
Well, for these reasons I keep a special relationship with the movies I have quoted. The conclusion I said earlier above. There are films that make up a generational stage, there is the magic of cinema. These four, so far four have marked me especially since I saw them.
I'll keep watching movies.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Some years ago I gave a lecture with the same title that caused great excitement because poetry is the poor sister of Literature and who like seem ashamed as if they were outcasts who are committing a crime or lesser extent an illegal act.
Poetry is a question of love, vocation and survival. I love poetry because it allows me to express my feelings freely without any restrictions. It is my vocation since I was a child and started writing my first poetic scrawl seven years. And it is a form of survival because more than once poetry has saved my life in serious moments of anxiety and depression.
I could not live without poetry. I need to cast out all that is within me rots before it becomes a malignant cancer be tempted to kill me. I need to sweeten my daily life and all manifestations of pain that occur in it. The need to beat every day as a person and be your best with my peers and myself.
Juan Ramon Jimenez seeking pure poetry that was his forever. I also look for in poetry the best of me and the best of it to cause a perfect symbiosis that allows the survival of my own being and sense of every word you put on paper.
He asked him to intelligence that would give the exact name of things. I look at the words twinning with the same existence. It is a form of poetic existentialism that allows everything that makes sense not lose it at any time and ask the intelligence that gives me the ability to create beauty with words for readers to join the above outlined symbiosis and form a homogeneous mass explode in a bunch of anonymous beauties us to produce the greatest possible pleasure.
He fought all his life from Modernism to the naked poetry with all his strength to be found in a state of literary ecstasy with the words and find the greatest possible pleasure. He was never ashamed of this careful and painstaking task and not let himself be overcome in no time, not even when his wife died Zenobia Camprubí. Without poetry Juan Ramon had probably died a week later of his wife, but found in the poetic word enough to continue living sense, survival to which I alluded poetry stops antes.La death, becomes immortal life make us in survivors with the ultimate goal of creating beauty with morphemes and phrases.
I wake up every day thinking about what the next poem I write, that is, the new reason to keep going in this vale of Christian tears just become a valley of such because each poem is a reason to climb existence into a world where everything beautiful is permitted. Poetry is a moral condition to justify life itself is an ethical attitude before all the events we do, it is our consciousness of all lived in the dark room that is our life now.
Poetry is not a reason to die or to justify death as it might seem reading Becquer. "Lonely, sad and dumb had gotten that cemetery. Its inhabitants do not speak. How happy are the dead. " I do not think the dead are happy and do not think that happiness resides in the desire to die. For that there is poetry. To die no. But it serves to express our desire to die if that is what we most impact on our life and gives meaning to our actions in this world.
Poetry is a way of showing love and make it visible to the beloved. That's poems are appropriate for leave to light all the positive feelings we have and that otherwise would remain within us as soldiers who go to war loneliness roads. Poetry combat this loneliness and makes the poetic literary poet in a person always accompanied by the words and the infinite beauty that are capable of transmitting. It is impossible to feel alone having to poetry as a partner in the daily life subsist.
Poetry accompanies coffee time, lunch, dinner, when we make love at all times. I love poetry because it helps me to live, to be a better person, to better understand the feelings of others, ultimately, the whole of life and death understood as second life, not as absolute and exterminating death.
Read poetry if you want to feel love, vocation and survival. Love to survive, the vocation of living and the need to be always alive to never catch us unclean death. Poetry is useful for all this and more. Read a book of poetry and experience all the qualities that I have developed in this article and have more will to live and will see around a much more positive way. So be it.

Jose Cuadrado Morales

Monday, 21 March 2016


When he pulled the alarm at home were the seven o'clock. Paul had to get up first, plug in the coffee pot, wake up after his wife, Sophia, then their children, Pablito and Marta. It was a normal working day. He was going to leave home a little earlier to avoid the traffic jam on the highway. Sofia would take care of dressing and take the children to school. Today was a special day for Pablito: it was hiking the park, with its class of fourth grade, to know something more about the nature (the kid had talking about the excursion days). Nobody could take that would head a snake or find a spider the size of a paper ball.

Marta, yawning and spurts between two smaller añitos Paul, rose slightly less excited, she did not expect such a day as interesting as the day his older brother and the illusion of going to school was somewhat less intense.
Paul's father, went to the office enough time. In the car he is listening to your favorite radio station. One that played music of the 80s, the time when he met Sofia, music brought him fond memories of his youthful past, when all were projects and he was going to be the most famous man in the world when winning the Nobel Literature, because at that time he was fond of writing short stories. His mind wandered these paths while listening to a song "Secrets".
The day began normally in the office, had a position with some responsibility, was the storekeeper. In his office all orders were to bring Don Pablo guarantee or otherwise of his companion Don Julian. Both got along, had never had any problems and when they were occasionally appeared blip and solvable.
The morning passed with absolute normality. All orders out on time and according to forecasts. Time to go home and listen to Pablito as the tour had gone to the park. If he had seen a snake or a spider the size of a paper ball.
Back, Paul liked to hear the news that morning did not have time to read the newspaper and the news of the two he became aware of what was happening in the world. But the news did not understand all that well. He focused his attention - "Last time; a school bus, has had an accident in the vicinity of Seville, auun the causes and the condition of the wounded are unknown ". time stopped, it was the bus of the Salesians, where he studied Pablito and Marta. A Paul at the time was his heart stopped.
Paul in the morgue wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Sofia was entirely dressed in black. A Martita had left him with parents Sofia, wanted everything out the least traumatic for the sweet creature.
The words of each condolences, - "I go with the feeling," - "No somos nadie" ... sensory channels blocked Paul, becoming man floe. He was not crossed his mind as Sofia was only felt that more was colder, more duro.La feeling of not being able to express, not to mourn, not to go crazy for a few moments ... wondering why.
The cluster of confused and inner emotions caused a blockage of feelings and everything seemed unreal. Seeing Pablito behind the glass had the impression that at any moment would rise and there would come out of his hand as if nothing had happened was true.
But reacting, focused and localized, knew very well I was in a funeral home, the white coffin was Pablito, the snake and spider like paper ball.
More floe man turned as friends and relatives left flowers in front of the tombstone where the name and dates inscribed Pablito.
From then change their relationship with their environment, Sofia hardly attended her, Martha did not treat her with love and tenderness that you used to and not like a child who had lost his older brother and had a lot of questions to ask your dad.
He had changed in character, in the morning, but left before he did not take to jam the highway, did not put the station 80, preferred silence. Paul began to lose the sense of life, it was banal and monotonous.
That tragic day, on the bus, they were burned him and Pablito, that tragic day floe man was forged.

Black pen

Friday, 18 March 2016


We all want, in one way or another, change something we do not like in our lives. It costs a lot, usually change, but usually cost more than our lives are directed by a trauma, a problem, a memory, something painful or just uncomfortable. Sometimes we get used to the problem and it becomes protagonist of our daily stay in this passing world, we allow ourselves to be dominated by a bad experience, something that we hate but we allow direct every minute of our existence, we settled down and accept to it harder because it simply costs much change and it is best to stick with the disease, the problem or traumatic experience accordingly.
It is true brave rebel against the monotony of pain and fight for that change is the true protagonist of our daily passage through this tiny piece of land that is our planet. It is brave fight trail of pain generated by the death of a loved one and trauma that usually generates. We have nightmares for example with the death of our mother, but when we open our eyes in the morning we see that it has just been a nightmare and we must move forward with the heavy burden of memory amortajada not let us live. We must make progress with the dead mother, her dead son, who is dead, without stopping in dwell on the morbid pain only seemingly endless.
If one morbidly obese have to fight for stomach reduction surgery by performing a bypass intestinal. It is the best way to reduce the stomach and thereby lose fifty or sixty kilos or all leftover us. You have to adapt drinking milkshakes and all kinds of liquids, a long period of weeks and even months, but expect the reward of a flat stomach and lost many kilos, and recovered health. We can then say that we have regained health, we have overcome, we are achievers, we have defeated our weaknesses, our monotony that usually eat morale but we have shown that we are stronger than our limitations, that injuries of our soul. We are capable of change because we have an inner strength that does it all and nothing left in the way of the execrable weakness that makes us statues nothing in tatters, small garbage that do not even have a container where they can be recycled. The best possible recycling is the will. Our will. And faith in God.
Now I remember the verses of Saint Teresa of Jesus: "Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you, everything passes, God never changes, patience reaches all who God lacks nothing, God alone suffices". God alone can be enough to keep going in the daily struggle of existence. He may be sufficient to mitigate the loneliness that so often reproach us and let us turned into true parasites of ourselves. God helps to change and aid has no consideration because it is based on the basic principle of mercy and providence. 
God will provide is not a false myth but a reality directly connected with faith. And it also can help us to change the fear of death by accepting it as something natural in our time on earth, nothing happens to die. Only the body clock stops, but still works the spiritual clock. Life does not die. Life goes another way, probably more beautiful, where it may not be necessary any changes because everything is made in the image and likeness of God and it represents perfection, so they left over all complaints, all suits weakness, all the parsimony in which we settled for an absurd and masochistic weakness.
 I myself was about to fall into alcoholism. Several daily glasses of anise or sun helped me to move on, to withstand the harsh existence, the only change was destroying liver I have. When I was diagnosed with hepatic granulomas I considered radically stop drinking installed on my life and one day Valentine parked not remember what year since drams and I could go on without them. I stay with my faith in God, my belief in myself and the fear of having a serious liver disease. This applies to any other disease or life circumstance. I invite you here to work their will as a spur to fight everything we do not like ourselves. That change is possible because we have an overwhelming will power against which he can not anything or anyone.

Jose Cuadrado Morales

Monday, 14 March 2016


When just entering adolescence, he was a problematic boy. In high school, I sat in the last row and the teacher made a real ordeal cost him teach the class because of the scandal that rode the smartest in the class. We also were jumping classes and drank a litronas and we smoked a few joints, laughing fools who went to all classes, studying not go out in the evenings for homework and spent all their time or hobbies that seemed ridiculous, such as sports or read books.
Today I have 33 years, I have nowhere to drop dead and fools have their girlfriends or wives, their well-paid jobs, their children, their homes, their cars and full and full of triumphs and satisfactions life are ordinary people with everyday problems and smoothly in life and supporting them a current account in the bank and are treated by yOU. I instead he considered me ready, I have nothing described above, with an alcohol problem diagnosed from age 27. Who was the ready? All I can say is that I was the fool.



 I was born and raised in two different locations. In the first he was just a child, without any problems or concerns. Then my family moved to another town, where I got excited and full awareness that grow and relate there with me the whole neighborhood. Years passed and became the biggest obstacle I've faced in life, the emergence and diagnosis of my mental illness, center of all failures and future pain.

It all started by a depression, as they start many mental illnesses, depression horse, in which all cared about shit. I was six months isolated from the world and not wanting to go outside, not wanting to talk to my family, who suffered more than I Unfortunately, because I got to forget it and forget me as they saw as my depression was transformed phobia for the street and own strange people and I stopped talking at once, I did not mind eating or grooming.
The end result was an adult broken out at the time of puberty, fat by inactivity, clumsy, white from lack of sunlight.
Let's break down the social relationships that would face me, knowing that I took me six months stuck in a hole.

1-.Mis friends all youth.
When they heard about my illness, I excluded automatically, never told me for the weekend, were reluctant to be saddled with "a wimp tontaina". Excluded from the group.

2-.mis fellow students.
I had problems with peers from the beginning, because they knew from one another what had happened, I got sideways like a vague and clumsy repeater. I excluded from such a vile way that I did not want to go back there for anything else.

3-.The neighbors, acquaintances or strangers.
The neighborhood found out about my illness, the news spread like wildfire, we talked about it at the bakery, at the shop and was the talk of the playgrounds. a stir in the neighborhood that not only hurt me was formed, also he did not hurt my family. Now not only I had to treat depression, but headache, because he liked to talk about the evils of another good issue I had. Excluded again and my family in danger of exclusion, was to have disgust.

4 -.Las new friendships isolated from all of the above.
At that time, advised by my experts, I started some courses that interested me, it was a way to start again and interacting with ordinary people. But the problem is created to introduce myself as mentally ill after a few days. His way of relating to me changed, accept me as a companion but let me aside after class, he was again excluded.
Unfortunately people missing information and if they discover that someone has a mental illness, the label appears, you consider a "pariah".
If 25% of the world population may have some form of psychological imbalance throughout his life, why so much rejection?
The conclusion to all this is that no longer count on me for anything. My friends no longer wanted anything with me, did as they were interested, but they passed. You should study in another center who did not know me that way nobody would mark me as "rare", "crazy". I would be hard to find a job.
In the district it would be almost impossible to find a girlfriend or friends. As for what to meet people in new circles, never utter the words "I am mentally ill" because chafaría everything.
Time passed, I learned gradually to seem "normal guy" to frequent environments where nobody did not know me, where I could tell my new friends about the "mental illness" which is quite difficult. And after years of trying to look like a normal guy and rebuilding my past thousand ways to hide relapses a new opportunity arose for me. The opportunity to travel to the Antipodes became reality eleven years after the first outbreak, we moved to a new location. I did everything that a normal person can do with friends and new neighbors, as one of the community and thus keep fighting.


Friday, 11 March 2016


In my case auditory hallucinations began to occur from age 40. Before I could hardly think that might be. I began to have auditory hallucinations while working. At first these hallucinations did not affect too much, indeed, encouraged me, how ?, that's a long story ..... then they became heavy and hard to bear at times. It's like you're listening as real as it can emit a person any physical object or voices. There are also visual. The best advice on hallucinations I can give is that you should learn to live with them and ensure they do not affect much to your daily life.
Say something else: I have never taken drugs or drink alcohol, only smoke and less.



Depression is being specialist essays on solitude. It is stop staring at every corner of the sky , not for nothing , just to stop her. It is to call a friend and hear his voice hang up the phone . It is shopping to feel accompanied by objects. Is light a cigar to fade in the smoke. Depression is falling in love with a woman to say goodbye constantly . It is to get into a room and turn it into love object because only she gives security .

Depression is the writer who wants to love , who loves , although many times it is wrong to love .

José C.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Depression is get up every morning and feel the bitter coffee but will take tons of sugar. Depression is unjustifiably mourn and feel the tear is the only one, and the futile time consolation there. Depression is having to invent life every moment, chronically reacquainted with the reason for living lost in any darkness of the soul, any of those that depression generated against the will of depressed. Depression is drowning every afternoon, experience the passage of time as a loneliness that becomes every second giant, troubled with the clock does not advance, was stopped at a point of no return absurd called bitterness. Depression is look at the sky and believe it can only fall acid rain, drops obsession, flares irrellenable vacuum confidence in a better moment.

José C.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


The urge to drink is shocking and makes the dependent person absolute alcohol, no life, only intended to fill the blood of anise, cognac, sun or any other alcoholic beverage that is slowly sapping health, destroying the liver, forming hepatic granulomas that are falling apart vital to the speed of light without the patient feel it until symptoms appear and death ensues organs.
The alcoholic is actually mentally ill suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder throwing him into the spirit of an appalling way unable to prevent it at all. Psychiatrists and psychologists play an important role in the treatment of alcoholism. Talking about the problem frees a lot of trouble to drink without stopping, with an urgent need mortal. Words are an escape very important for alcoholics. When the day begins the alcoholic patient is released to a bestial fight against his addiction so to speak, a war against alcohol that lasts twenty four hours a day. Through the door of a bar is a heroic act because the patient has to avoid going to avoid falling into the temptation to take "a wee dram".
The alcoholic is mentally ill and has to be recognized by society. However alcoholics are still called drunk with most disparagingly possible. Alcoholics are stigmatized, they are beings marked by society as vicious that are delivered to spending money in bars. Are social parasites who can not do anything but drink and drink, abandoning all work and abandoning themselves in their physical appearance, his face flushed by alcohol.
The stigma alcoholics is one of the strongest in our society and is one of the most urgent needs to be removed by the large number of `people who are affected. Hundreds, thousands of patients live a parallel life by fear of rejection rather than openly confess their habit, ie his illness. Live hidden in the catacombs which in this case are the bars, clubs where are leaving life organ by organ and spending what they have, ruining their families.
There are numerous organizations designed to remove the stigma of alcoholics. The best known is perhaps Alcoholics Anonymous where patients feel normal people pushed to the improvement of their disease and not its worsening. It each case exposes its complete freedom and other colleagues applaud his courage to face the problem without any restrictions. Is the most important self-help group in the world that has cured millions of people who are counting the days they have lived without alcohol.
There are numerous other self-help groups that serve to add value in patients. To them we owe the recovery of many people without these groups had never beaten the disease. Patients who have been cured help while helping each other, new patients are incorporated into self-help groups. Taking the first step is the most difficult because alcohol must be left entirely at once, without pause, without `periods of adaptation. You have to live without alcohol since the first day of treatment. It is horrible because you have to stop drinking suddenly. At that time the person has already fallen to the lowest, he has been abandoned to itself, has lost his family and a lot of misfortunes more. And suddenly, as if he had never taken a drink, you have to stop drinking glasses, shot glasses as it is popularly known each sip of drunken, or shots that are just nice death when no alcohol.
The cinema has portrayed many times the problem of alcoholism. I come now to mind the great Billy Wilder film "The Lost Weekend" starring Ray Milland. Recounts the descent into hell spirit of a man and all that it can do to get a bottle of rum or any other beverage. It is also too great Blake Edwards film "Days of Wine and Roses" with Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick. Or more recently the film of Luis Mandoki "When a man loves a woman". This is clearly evident that love is the main cure for alcoholism, understanding of the couple, the tenacity to exit accompanied abyss, not alone, loneliness joins the already feels the alcoholic by itself when it reaches the bars bars without asking the famous glass is put it ahead because the habit has become habit, a deadly vice.
But we must differentiate the alcoholic from the person who drinks alcohol in moderation. A beer occasionally, for example. No completely crucify the alcohol if you drink calmly and with absolute control of the amount taken. It is a kind of double stigma: drinking too much alcohol and drinking alcohol without more. The latter does not have to lead to alcoholism. It is to drink to share a meal, a glass of wine for example. The important thing is to control. Dipsomaniacs say "I control", but it is not. The disease is controlling them and do not recognize it until the alcohol starts to come out through the holes that open in the legs due to ulcers that are terribly because of the drink. We must control oneself without lying, without beginning to see the world around a glass of alcohol.
The satisfaction is achieved by overcoming the dipsomanía is tremendous. And you have to stop drinking completely. Do not fall back is the main goal. The first cup after recovery may be the beginning of a new hell. And fall for the second time in this Dantesque hell may be the ultimate for failing to prevent death from multiple organ failure. You have to have an iron will, but you can get. Thousands of people daily and get on with their lives as normal. No need to feel failed by being dipsomaniac. On the contrary dipsomania be faced as a challenge rather than life puts us and we will have the will to achieve self-improvement raising the self-esteem that is so important to overcome alcoholism.
I call from here to all people with drinking problems to self-improvement, self-love, the more than positive self-esteem. There is no room for failure. We must always think about the win. Alcohol can not one. One can with alcohol without losing a point of view that life is much more to get into the bars as shelter a thousand problems. The problems must be solved. Try to solve them with alcohol is to create a new problem that can not be solved, but we must always be optimistic and welcome with open arms all the love they give us the people we really want and really accepted as we are with alcohol or without alcohol.

Jose Cuadrado Morales

Monday, 7 March 2016


Memories are like flashes of the past, fragmented images that gives us the memory of a time already gone. One wonders how close to reality are, as these scraps of memory often change depending on who invokes them.
It is very rare that two people agree on a single memory because they are subject to the subjectivity of each individual. With my sisters usually untie discussions because each very differently evokes the past, according to the experiences of each. Therefore it can be said to be misleading.
The mere passage of time also blurs what we remember today and tomorrow can forget it. With the distance something similar happens as it tends to erase misunderstandings and remember more positive things about that distant being.
Same with affection, as the degree of affection that binds us to one person, shall be consistent moments that rescue our mind. Perhaps this is why it is easy to recall the anecdotes with friends and family, because they are highly significant from the emotional point of view.
Of course also they are recorded to fire moments or phrases that hurt us or gross errors of our past, as a lesson not to repeat them.
There are memories for everyone, from an image isolated to long-term conversations. Memories that leave sweet or bitter taste, depending on the circumstances.
My first memory dates back six years and it's sad, because I see on the landing of a staircase with my cousin, listening weeping and wailing loudly coming from the ground floor, where they were watching my maternal grandmother. Then come the memories of primary school age where I forgot the names and faces of almost all companions but remember fondly when library, where there were magazines of the years 50' and 60'
also very interesting children's literature, so I took the opportunity to read everything that fell into my hands and resulted in more pleasing moment of the whole school.
My partner computer rescues with special affection the day of her marriage, 30 years ago, although did not celebrate because they preferred to invest money in furnishing the house, that was an unforgettable moment for him and the birth of their children . They are milestones in the life of a person are recorded to fire.
My sisters tend to rescue the trunk of memories his childhood in the fields of Leon carrying the basket with food to my father who was in plowing or doing chores with animals, or their time interned in two convent schools. Anyway, that they have a privileged memory compared to mine, which seems quite fragile. But as they say, what matters is not the quantity but the quality.



As a teenager had an idol James Dean. My fervor was such that cut out all the articles that appeared in magazines and read them so many times I memorized his biography. The boy blue jeans and red jacket, imitated not only by teenagers in the 50s but for future generations.

With just three films as an actor, the truth is that I had everything to be a symbol of youthful rebellion: handsome, hipster, melancholy, lonely and passionate as the roles he played interpret.
He was nominated for an Oscar for her first role in "East of Eden" based on a novel by John Steinbeck. Cal there was a troubled kid reprimanded by his father who adored eldest son, whose procedure was always right. Cal instead was rough, introverted, questioner.
His next protagonist was the mythical "Rebel Without a Cause," which also played a antisocial guy in conflict with their parents and the values ​​of the adult world. Loaded with a vital anguish is overcome with the help of two friends, the beautiful Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo jovencísimo. Both actors have a tragic end in real life like Jimmy, Natalie drowned at age 43 and Sal was killed with only 37 years.
Finally "Giant" reflects the experiences of a Texan, racist, classist and conservative family, a former worker (Dean) more open-minded, though reclusive and misanthropic. For this role he receives the second Oscar nomination posthumously.
But nothing better to know a person to know how he thought:
"I want to fly so high that no one can reach me. Not to prove anything. I just want to get where you should go. " This says a lot about his technique and love for acting, not in vain was formed in the prestigious Actor s Studio. He gave himself completely, crying, laughing, screaming, hitting ... everything was viscerally.
"I try my hardest people to reject me, why?" Or this one phrase "I do not understand how people can stand to be in a room with me" .The two reflect their own, rough, introverted spirit, perhaps product a suffering child lost his mother because with only 9 years old and was raised by farmers uncles.
They say that his great love was Pier Angeli, who left this suicide note: "I have a horrible fear growing old ... ..The love is behind us, died in a Porch". They seemed, she conformist, quiet, angelic and he was a rebel and take back opposite poles, but the fact is that both were too sensitive and unstable emotionally.
They also say that Dean was gay and had been molested by a reverend.
They say so many things ... as he is no longer difficult to know where the truth lies.
While he spoke well of Pier Angeli "The respect is untouchable. It is one of those girls who put on an altar to worship. But hey, her mother did not like me at all. " So little was pleased that the mother made to breach his fledgling Pier I relación.Poco later married a singer. They say that the wedding day Jimmy was stopped by a motorcycle in front of the church and revved the engine, to make noise during the ceremony.
Another actor famous phrase, "I can not change the wind direction, but adjust my sails to always reach my destination", referring to the willpower perhaps.
A tragic car accident ended his life when he was 24 years old and a promising future ahead. This eventually turn it into legend for moviegoers.
As foreshadowing his fate had said: "You have to live quickly, death comes soon"
- And so it was. His glittering career and premature death aboard a Porche him a youth icon worldwide.



Do not stop flying your dreams, do not stop hover over them, do not let anything or anyone tell you you're a crumb; reveal yourself, take a chance, the world of prejudice, of closed minds is nothing more than a nightmare. Build a house on the inside when you just say "I am" and become stronger each time. What you are hit fades over time and do not live as missing. Take a break to find in the desert or lost in the noise of a big city. No matter where you transport yourself with your heart to another dimension of perspective and you will see how it is easier to live. If you ever feel you can not continue to hold on to the good times because they always come others. Mourn for negligence does not benefit anyone even you. Do not let you stop interference or not you feel worse for others. You are unique and explosive. You are everything and nothing around where you are.
Your hands are building the world because they are clawing with his paws force you reach. Release suitcase self-pity. Choose live from the opportunity to repeat yourself ad nauseum mettle as a treasure that does not know how many secrets of magic is hidden. Hear the echo of your voice and your misery reborn as a flower in spring, let it ring free heart and always look forward. The calendar is in your favor, not against. Evolve, give roulette of feelings; not exist to settle if not to fight and hit a bite to life. Toll strip suitcase and walk without luggage. Call feelings and transform them. Throw the trash and clear your world. Do not attack your life, slows the pain and change the station.FLOAT Transforms the dynamics of bad luck; misery is only for cowards: Destroy the bad, cut from the root, destroying the pillars of your curse and build new ones to continue.
Times the deserts full of memories; in my covered time I find new visions and my daydreams, in the "tick tock" of the hours I grow up and the sound of the cry cries to drag them to another location away from me, that does not reach my will. 
In those moments of freedom flight and when I close my eyes to around I'll be dead, because damage cover you with patches, to better know the travails and discover there different ways to look in the mirror before defects. barefoot I leave my be because there I find the seed that grows while having roots. And when I can no longer simply rest because the dead hours also awaken. When I'm alive. But after not being there will be no place to wake up. In my childhood lost through the years, I remember seeing kids smile ... I become them for a moment and then I understand that every path is different. But it is as if they were one and understand that too was like them. I get angry when I lose but I keep winning because I have before my energy, my dynamite and only then understand that we are not so different.


Sunday, 6 March 2016


I've always had, since my parents died, one thing in mind. As you remember someone who is alive, you're still alive and will never die. I do not know if I've heard somewhere or I read in a book but I have inside me that conviction. I think, among other things, so every day I remember them and also have dreams constant where his figures appear, sometimes enigmatically, others wanting to say something, things that sometimes I understand and at other times, events beyond my interpretation, because although I do not think that dreams reveal the future, if I think I have something to do with what is happening to us at the time and therefore can be explained in a consistent manner, even if sometimes they seem have no meaning.
I think that when you die everything ends, that there is nothing else behind death and that there is no life beyond or another form of existence. So I like to believe in what I said before, what to remember loved ones who are still alive. My father or my mother did nothing that will be etched in the annals of history as if they have other characters that have passed to posterity. They will live as I remember them and I have in mind that this will be as alive. Now I have no children and no family burden, maybe that's why I think so.
I sleep well. I'm not scared of them always in memory and not give me any strange feeling when I wake up because they have dreamed of. Moreover, when some time passes and they do not appear in my dreams, I feel alone. Since my parents died relationship with my sisters is decreasing. We did not even call once a month or anything like that. When one of us gets into remorse then we remember our brothers and we call. That can take months. As seven or eight. Then the fact that I dream about my parents make me feel that time we were a family. I'm an asshole for thinking this, but it's all I have left.
I do not believe in the hereafter, or any other form of life that seems so important mark that has left one person over another and as this acts on it. We die and just everything. I am not Catholic, nor Buddhist, nor do I convince the doctrine of any religion. I think there must be something you have created all this, let's call it God, but I do not have to redeem us from our sins is not that the idea that nature conveys me and my powers of observation. I believe in ethics and morality, Principles, and whatever is the preservation of life. I believe in the rights and I also believe that models lesser evil government is democracy, but do not believe in a god as they have tried to sell me since I was little. I always hesitate.
I do not want this text is a statement of my convictions and not develop an essay on life and death. All this I wrote because I wanted to say one thing. Although it's been ten years and I've had a hard time in life (I have come to live on the street) I remember the love conveyed my mother and affection that my father used to talk to me. I lost my whole family. I have just contacted a cousin and a sister sporadically. More with my cousin with my sister and, really, when I needed I've had with me, despite her having her life and her family. But I can not forget or forgive, much as I try removing my conscience and trying to understand everything that happened that I ended up in the street, it is that my family leave me alone and as a result, live on the street.
Today is December 20 and nearly three months not drink alcohol or drugs ago. What better way to celebrate than remembering my parents. I've had a lot of help but nothing has served up a few months ago. He did not understand that I was an alcoholic for a long and in many ways that you explain to me. But today is not a day to look to the past but to the future, and try to achieve the ultimate goal. Having a normal life.

Pedro Sánchez Morilla


Living often means much unwanted suffering of varied etiologies, from a simple toothache to cancer, through any of the many diseases that haunt us and destroy, and the most varied symptoms that reduce us sometimes to a mere wreck that It is useless. But there are other different pains, those affecting the heart, brain, heart, feelings, which are more difficult to categorize, but can sometimes cause more harm than the pains that affect the body and are more visible and evident.
The pains of soul and brain are invisible, are more hidden, are coated with a different skin to everything else and often suffer from in silence, in solitude. Mental illness is still a stigma in our society. It is as forbidden spiritual suffering. The mentally ill are stigmatized, marked by thousands of visible and invisible fingers away what society and introduced into a self-destructive spiral growing and that seems endless.
It is very dangerous confess that suffer depression or anxiety. Not to mention if you say that mental illness that is suffering schizophrenia or worse. Then the stigma is greater and the suffering it generates is infinitely greater. You can not say you are taking medicines for nerves, which carry a pillbox above so you do not pass any decision because if you confess look like a drug addict, someone who can not live without chemistry. In silence the pain is exaggerated and seems endless. The patient then turns to centers such as the Rehabilitation Unit of Mental Health Macarena District I am writing this article where you're not a stranger because you are among brothers of trouble, people who are tired of feeling a murderer epigastric dagger and eager shouting to the four winds that are normal sick, that is punishment enough and disease have to have to apologize for getting it.
That's what the mentally ill are obliged: to apologize for being wrong, to justify that we are not dangerous, that psychosis does not hurt but yourself and no one else. It's hard dating when mental illness is treated. We fear for our symptoms, our leisurely walk as if we were zombies, useless people, ghosts in the mist of bitter spiritual universe. We worth over because they do not realize how much you suffer when we want to mourn and can not because the breast is so depressed that tears can not even go inside our hearts. We disgusted because it seems that society simply have the role of parasites that cause a bloodbath to Social Security because we charge pension seems we do not deserve when many, like me, have quoted a number of years and are entitled to a contributory pension . And those who are not entitled to a non-contributory pension because besides eating spiritually we have right to food the body. His courage enough we have to take daily to survive, sometimes almost dragging breathlessly.
Breathless and bear the stigma of mental illness that makes us chronically lonely or forces us to relate only people with our same disease. But in the same pain he is hoping to escape because it becomes a shield that protects us from all external aggression and we end up being stronger than those who are healthy quotes. The pain itself is gasoline that serves as fuel to pull hard day to day life becomes, I must say as John Rambo in the film Cornered Ted Kotcheff when Colonel Truman asks how he will live from from now. And Rambo, always taciturn, replies day.
Well I therefore invite all people stigmatized mentally and socially: to live every day, every day, without thinking about tomorrow, only today, in the now, in here, in ourselves and in our own particular limitations which they can be overcome by an iron will or at least bronze. We are strong and will remain strong until death do us reach as all because that there is no difference worth. As I once told a friend'm stronger than I think. And I think that was right. Here I am, suffering from nerves from seven years. And they're forty-two. And I intend to continue fighting, with or without stigma because basically I'm a survivor, a Rambo more than a brief but juicy backpack always say that I will live day by day, with unconditional support: mine.

Jose Cuadrado Morales


Unless one is a robot throughout his life will experience an indefinite series of emotions, both positive and negative. Humans are so unpredictable that we sometimes have mixed feelings as love-hate toward the same person, varying according to circumstances. The friend who shares our secrets will profess genuine affection, but that does not prevent us ever get angry with him, to feel defrauded by some attitude hers.
Very different things excite us. Who has not thrown a tear to see a romantic movie like "Gone with the Wind" ?, and it is because we identify with both characters that come to us the soul.
The most important life events tend to move us further, as the birth of a child, death of a loved one, or the encounter with the beloved. But also shake our hearts everyday things like the arrival of a letter, a good read, the farewell of a friend, receiving an unexpected gift, the warm embrace of a mother, or listen to our favorite song.
They can also awakened negative emotions when we face situations that seem unfair, as the desire for revenge or anger.
Schizophrenia sufferers do not usually have good emotional control and jumped violently from joy to sadness, anger to passivity. Understanding emotions is a good way to learn to manage to not see things in black or white but gray helps us to deal with situations more calmly, to relativize the problems.

I remember a postcard with "faces" reflecting all possible emotions and how emotions are often ephemeral jump from one to another as if we try them all in one bite. The good news is not repress but to channel them.
Lately the most exciting thing that happened in my life is not up to a roller coaster or have practiced an extreme sport, but the simple fact resume via email friendship with two friends living abroad. I was thrilled to note that we could tell our problems and share our feelings as we did in adolescence. What things excite you, dear reader?